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Customer Service Charter

By virtue of my license and in the course of fulfilling my role pursuant to law, the insurance agent TERA, License No. 516596657

The clauses of the Service Charter that appear below are meant to implement and are based on the instructions of the Capital Market, Insurance and Savings Authority that were published on May 1, 2018 (and amended on August 9, 2022), including the response time to inquiries from clients that are set forth therein. 

  1. To treat the client fairly and respectfully, to respect his privacy and act cautiously and responsibly with information that the client will provide regarding the services provided to him.
  2. To update the client periodically and as he chooses (by post or email) about how the service is received, including means of communication, workdays and office hours of the License Holder, currently – Sunday – Thursday between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  3. To provide an appropriate and professional response for the client’s needs, within no more than two business days from when the client makes contact for the purpose of arranging a meeting, a conversation, or any other relevant service. 
  4. To conduct efficient and available communication with the client, and to provide an initial response within no more than two business days from when the client makes contact. As part thereof, as much as possible, the License Holder will provide clear and reasoned answers to the client’s question.
  5. To provide a pertinent response to requests for a copy or photograph of any permit or document from the License Holder or an institutional entity, and to transfer the client’s request to the institutional entity to perform actions, all within no more than seven business days from the client’s request, and without derogating from other provisions on the same matter.
  6. To provide the client (or their agent) any document connected thereto that is in the License Holder’s possession under any law, within no more than three business days from the date of the client’s request. Inter alia, what is stated in this section will also apply with respect to a former customer of the License Holder.
  7. The service provided by the License Holder will not include services with respect to products that are not supervised by the capital market commissioner, in the meeting or conversation to sell insurance policies or financial products, and any other such service will be provided only with the client’s prior written consent.
  8. To provide a client (or their agent) who makes contact regarding a claim, within no more than two business days, information about the client’s rights, and to inform him about the modes of action that are at his disposal vis-à-vis the institutional entity in the proceeding to resolve the claim. In this section, “Claim” will be considered a request from an institutional entity to exercise rights under the terms of the policy, regulations of the pension fund or regulations of the provident fund, not in the framework of legal advice and/or representation.
  9. When the License Holder is informed (whether by an institutional entity, by the client or by his employer) that there has been a change in the client’s status with respect to a financial product, including a change in the terms of the client’s employment, the License Holder will initiate a service call, within no more than seven business days after the License Holder was informed, in order to examine adjusting the financial product to the client’s needs in light of the changes. In this section, “Change in the client’s status” will be considered to include each of the following:
    1. Joining a new place of work.
    1. Leaving a place of work.
    1. A salary increase, due to which a new health declaration is required according to the terms of the policy.
    1. A change in the structure of the pension deposits, pursuant to the employment agreement.
    1. Changes to the rates of the cost of the insurance coverage, which require adjustment.
  10. If the License Holder is not informed of any change in the client’s status, as stated in Section 9 above, during two years, the License Holder himself will initiate a service call to the client in order to clarify his status.
  11. To be familiar with the provisions of law that are relevant to the License Holder’s services, and to be familiar with the products with which he deals and that he recommends.
  12. To be proficient in changes and updates in the field of the License Holder’s business, and to participate from time to time in relevant training and continuing education programs.
  13. If the License Holder’s services require payment of a salary and/or refund of expenses, a written agreement will be made between the License Holder and the client before the service is provided, a copy of which will be provided to the client.
  14. To appoint someone to be responsible for customer service and handling messages from clients, who will determine instructions, instruct the License Holder’s employees, submit an annual report pertaining to meeting the service targets in the corporation, and will convene period meetings with the appropriate entity in the corporation to present the main points in the report. 

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